Babies, bright lights, blood-thinners and more: Cochrane evidence round-up

It’s probably best to draw a veil over many of the things done in English boarding schools by past generations and some in the name of health. The boys of Dickens’ fictional Dotheboys Hall were given brimstone and treacle from “a common wooden spoon, which might have been originally manufactured for some gigantic top, and which widened every young gentleman’s mouth considerably: they being obliged, under heavy corporal penalties, to take in the whole of the bowl at a gasp.” Continue reading

Newer nebulisers cut treatment times for people with cystic fibrosis

Key message: Nebulisers don’t all perform the same. Some newer types such as adaptive aerosol delivery and vibrating mesh technology have advantages over conventional systems including significantly shorter treatment time

Nebulisers are devices that allow medicines to be breathed in as a mist. People with cystic fibrosis (CF) are amongst those living with chronic conditions who use them to take medicines which help control their symptoms. Taking medicines this way may take a few minutes or as much as forty minutes each time and nebulised treatment has been found to significantly add to the burden of treatment for people with CF. Continue reading